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19 September 2014,

VietnamCAD Co. Ltd provides the class of most competitive edge, quality, secure and commercial brand mechanical 3d modeling services. We serve both of Parametric model type and Dump Step, IGES model types with variety output types as AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Catia, ProE, NX,…

Our services are not only industrial class in their lookout but also prepared from industry ethic, discipline and strict quality check routine. Our results are of premium quality and are meant to impress those who are looking for a complete solution for their need of modelling services.

We deliver the following range of services for our customers:

  • 3D parameter based models
  • 3D modelling from 2D cad/scanned/drawing
  • 3D Mechanical CAD drawings
  • 3D assembly modelling
  • 3D rendering of full-fledged manufacturing drawings

We use the following platforms for our design and construction needs:

  • AutoCAD
  • Pro-E
  • Catia
  • NX
  • SolidWorks

Benefit with our services:

  • High quality 3D Model
  • Low Cost
  • Excellent Support
  • High Secure Data Transfer
  • Get the Model Faster

Contact us to Save 40% to 60% cost on your project related needs.

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